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Nike Pedestrian Study-Beaverton, Oregon

To meet its expanding building needs, Nike recently acquired a series of office buildings in a conventional office park adjacent to its main campus. While the new buildings’ proximity is convenient, the office park’s car-orientation presented pedestrian connectivity challenges to workers and visitors. To facilitate pedestrian circulation from the main campus to the newly acquired property, Shapiro Didway developed a pedestrian pathway plan. The plan promotes safe pedestrian connectivity and wayfinding and provides pedestrian linkages both between the campus and the new property as well as between the individual buildings within the new property. Navigation flows logically and easily, and the landscape character itself serves as a wayfinding device. Pedestrian paths are generous enough in size to allow for an easy flow, and intersection design is visually clear at conflict points. Pathway lighting promotes safety, energy conservation and complies with overall green goals. Seating along major pedestrian routes enriches the pedestrian experience.

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