Portland Landscape design



Slabtown Apartments, Portland Or.


Mar, 29

Ione Plaza, Portland, Oregon

For this mid-century apartment building, Shapiro Didway worked with Leeb Architects and the Myhre Group in the development of a renovated entry plaza and adjacent seating areas. n elevated gathering and seating area provides an ...

Mar, 07

The Merrick, Portland, Oregon

Shapiro Didway designed a 5,000 square foot roof garden for this new 180-unit apartment complex located in inner northeast Portland. As the primary open space for the development, the garden provides a variety of private ...

Mar, 07

The Vaux Condominiums, Portland, Oregon

In developing this over-structure courtyard, Shapiro Didway set out to create an inviting, usable outdoor space for residents that encourages circulation between Savier and Raleigh Streets, provides informal seating and is visually interesting when looked ...

Mar, 07

Tupelo Alley, Portland Oregon

Tupelo Alley is a four-building mixed-use development that recalls the warehouse, commercial and semi-industrial past of N. Mississippi Avenue. The 188-unit project is scaled to fit into the surrounding neighborhood, while providing a model for ...

Feb, 29


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